Monday, September 15, 2014

Parting of the Red Sea: How God Leads Us

We are entering a story over these next four weeks that is already a story in progress. God's story is our story. 3O Good Minutes begins as we journey with  Moses across the Red Sea.

There are the powerful stories of  Moses standing up to the Pharoah, parting the Red Seas, carrying the Ten Commandments and leading his people through the desert . Yet, did you know that the  story of Moses has a messy start?

He is on the run from  a violent encounter, he  questions whether God can work through him,  he's weak enough to take advice from his in-laws and further along in the story, after seeing God do great things, Moses still argues.

The story of God and Moses is the weaving of God's love and grace working in his life, leading Moses to follow and trust God.

Moses' weaknesses, his sins, lead him closer to God instead of further away and his faith and trust grew.

We all have to face the things in our life that aren't what they should be.  We face them knowing they can be forgiven, covered, redeemed.  It's only when we deal with them in the presence of God and healthy community that we can lay our burdens down and move on - trusting in where we are being led.

The Israelites life was very, very hard. I imagine that remaining faithful seemed impossible at times.

 “For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”
                                                                          Matthew 19: 26

Together with God they were able to overcome what seemed impossible and move on to where they were being led. Nothing could stop them at this point - not chariots chasing them, not their fear, not the Red Sea before them. They continued to follow the leading even with all the obstacles before them.

Like Moses, God calls to us in many ways:
from our brokenness
from our sins
from our love
from our messiness,
from our stubbornness
from our obstacles.

Are there obstacles in your way to trusting where God is leading you?
How will you trust your faith in God to overcome your obstacles?
Where are you being led?


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